We bring talent, expertise and experience,
but that’s only one part of the design equation.
The secret sauce is the collaborative partnerships we have with our clients.
— Andrea May

In 2018, we endeavor to bring our Slow Luxe design philosophy to the forefront of everything we do, weaving it into every project we touch.  It's part of our DNA. 

What is Slow Luxe Design? It’s the intersection of a thoughtful process and a signature style that balances the modern with the traditional to create an unexpected blend of colors, styles and periods.  It's a bespoke design and curation service that allows us to thoughtfully select artisanal, vintage, antique and handcrafted items to blend with your personal collections to help us tell your story. (Think of it as the farm-to-table of design.)

As we work with and edit your personal treasures, we assist you in selecting inheritable objects to create your personal design story.  The result is an interesting and unpredictable mix that reflects you and stands the test of time.

For those who seek a thoughtful, collaborative design experience resulting in inheritable spaces, we’re happy to offer Slow Luxe Design.