OK, OKL: Here's my Chair Crush....

My friends over at One Kings Lane want to know what my favorite chair is--which, by the way, is kind of like asking about my favorite ice cream flavor.  (Hint:  Most of them.) 

I triple heart chairs.  All kinds of chairs.  Lounge chairs, slipper chairs, dining chairs, library chairs, wing back chairs, Louis XV, Eames, chinoiserie. You name it.  I have a thing for chairs because they encourage us to slow down, chat, read a book and break bread with people we like.    

But which chair do I really L-O-V-E?  Well, it's no secret that, although I may flirt with many chairs, the one I truly admire after all these years is this McGuire cane back dining chair by Barbara Barry.  Not only does it have classic, understated style, but it's amazingly comfortable.  People can sit all evening in this chair and that's exactly what you want in your dining chairs.  There's nothing worse than a dining chair that looks fabulous but has everyone jumping up the minute they're done eating because it just don't sit well.  I love to entertain and I want my guests to hang around!  

Well, hello there, handsome!  You're a tall drink of water ;)

Speaking of chairs you could easily fall in love with, I took a look at One Kings Lane's selection and, well, holy cow!  My heart went pitter-pat.  Take a little peek at some of these swoon-worthy sweeties:



But, why take my word for it?  Why not take a visit over to OKL yourself and see all the head-turning accent chairs they have to offer?

Thanks, One Kings Lane, for letting me share my Chair Crush!  That sure was fun....

And I want to wish all of my sweeties a a very Happy Valentine's Day!  Lots of love, Andrea