Reviewer: jgrad1    
Relationship: Designer/Client

Andrea was able to instantly recommend a bookcase and layout some very simple yet elegant changes to an extremely challenging, small space. Andrea whipped through the rest of the house making excellent suggestions that were all within my budget. She provided me with cad designs of each room , that gave me a macro view and that really allowed me as well as my contractor to understand all the details that needed to get done.

Once the work was done she returned and suggested some bold colors for rooms that accurately reflect who i am and work great in the house. 

Andrea has a great, yet simple view of design and communicates a level of detail that has been critical in transforming my home. Andrea has done some big, high budget jobs before. My concern was maybe my job, was too small or home not fancy enough. She treated the project as if it was top on her list and exuded excitement over the results.

Reviewer:  Cabochon Surfaces & Fixtures   
Relationship: Colleague

Andrea is a wonderful and well rounded designer who provides excellent service to her clients. She has a way of beautifully mixing vintage, modern and classic pieces together to truly transform a space. We are always excited for the opportunity to collaborate with her on projects and the results are spectacular each and every time.

Reviewer: smcbang1   
Relationship: Client

Andrea May transformed my San Diego tract home (plan 4 to be precise) from ordinary to extraordinary remaining absolutely faithful to her Slow Luxe Design philosophy - four years before declaring Slow Luxe as her brand. Elements of Andrea's talent and style are layered throughout my house, and I am reminded daily - honestly, four years later - how much I love my home. Andrea helped me discover my own style and it was a delight to breathe life into many pieces I already owned by reupholstering with dazzling fabric, replacing the clear glass of an antique armoire with mirrored glass, painting a set of formerly cheesy stacking tables and transforming them into a set that anchors the room. Ordinary lamps magically became eye catching by simply changing out the lampshades. Andrea's design talents are showcased by the juicy chandeliers, the classic buffet, the fireplaces and the stunning backsplash she created as a part of my fabulous kitchen, to name just a few. Andrea assembled a talented team of craftsmen and artisans to work on my home who set the same high standards in their work and their work ethic. Andrea and I did leave a few corners of my home untouched four years ago, and I can't wait to get started transforming those spaces with her!

Reviewer:  amymjacobson
Relationship:  Client

I first stumbled upon Andrea's website while I was searching for an interior designer after buying our first home in San Diego. After looking at tons of sites it was hers that really stood out to me. Her online portfolio showed she had real vision for layering and pushing the boundaries while keeping things tasteful. She seemed like just the person I needed to help put me on the right path yet encouraging me take think outside the box. I ended up hiring Andrea for her color consultation service, and everyday I'm thankful I did.

We had corresponded a couple times prior to our meeting and decided, since I already had a few ideas for what I wanted, that I'd post those ideas to Pinterest for her to review. She took one of my inspiration images ('the bunny pic' as we kept calling it) and really brought it to life in my home. Knowing I was going for a grey neutral palette, she showed up to the consultation with paint boards in different grey families, and fabric and wallpaper books that coordinated well with the colors in 'the bunny pic' (she'd clearly doneb her homework!). We were able to pick out most of my room colors in one consultation (the others I wasn't quite ready to tackle) AND she gave me other color and general decorator's suggestions such as what color to paint our kitchen cabinets and to not be afraid to use our nice bedding for fear of it getting messed up. In addition to her clear talent for design and her professionalism, she's a pleasure to work with! 

Reviewer: gb3design
Relationship: Colleague

It's always a pleasure working with Andrea May from Hunter/Gatherer.She has a wealth of knowledge about interior design and is passionate about creating beautiful spaces for her clients.She especially loves using light to create ambience in her spaces.

I look forward to working with her again on another project!

Reviewer: tgarb  
Relationship: Client

This is my wife and my second whole house remodel with Andrea. She is amazing. We would not have taken on this current project if we did not know we had her in our corner.

Andrea has tons of resources, knows what to spend money on and what to save money on and has done a great job combining our vintage style with a modern feel for both of our houses. 

We have been completely satisfied with her work and advice!

Reviewer: loism57
Relationship: Client

Andrea was the best designer we have ever used. Her taste is impeccable, and she thinks out of the box but stays within budget. We did a complete remodel -- she came up with innovative and practical uses of space, and she helped us pick out everything from flooring to paint and wallcoverings to window treatments and appliances. She found all the professionals for us, and was always professional herself. She was so easy to work with, and she completely turned our house into a home. We get so many compliments on our decor -- and we give Andrea all the credit. I wish we had more rooms to design so we could work with her again.