You should never be so aware of a room that it comes between you and the person you’re with. That’s not decoration, that’s interference.
— Billy Baldwin

Andrea May Hunter/Gatherer specializes in whole home and estate projects, pouring our passion, energy and vision into the design process.  From the first concept meeting to the final reveal, we work with our clients to ensure that their design goals are met every time. 

We work collaboratively with our clients, looking to them to provide a well-lit path to guide us along the way.  We believe that successful projects are a combination of great communication, inspired vision, meticulous planning and execution and unparalleled service. 

We strive to create inheritable homes that reflect who our clients are, but we’re only one part of the equation.  The magic is in a collaborative client-designer partnership. 

We truly value the opportunity to get to know our clients and manage their projects. It’s in this partnership that we come together to create something that authentically and uniquely tells their stories.  

We love what we do and we weave this into every single project and every single client relationship.